Over 30 Years of Experience

Terry Hall… revolutionizing the
real estate industry.

Real Estate Agent, VA Expert and Radio Host Terry Hall

Terry Hall began his career in real estate after graduating from the University of Colorado-Boulder with a Bachelor of Science degree. Relocating to St. Louis and experiencing a very unprofessional experience in purchasing a home, he changed careers and decided the best way to help people buy and sell real estate was to educate them on the process so they could make good decisions and avoid the pitfalls of the industry.

In the spring of 1990 Terry, using his own funds, bought air time and originated the radio show “This Week In Real Estate,” a radio program where he taught people the ins and outs of the home buying and selling process, fielded live phone calls and, to quote him, “Helped people help themselves” in their real estate decisions. The show quickly gained national attention and has been heard in as many as 22 states and in many major metropolitan areas. If his track record is to be the barometer for its success, people all over America can soon look forward to hearing it on Sunday afternoons on KTRS The Big 550, along with his Veteran benefit radio show, “Vet Time in America.